Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter became the hallmark of Pécs as a new and unique place for arts and culture never seen before in Europe.

The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter stands on the grunds of the late/once Zsolnay Factory and hosts a colorful selection of cultural events all year round. On top of the concerts and temporary exhibitions the Quarter offers the following attractions and services:

  • Planetarium

  • VR Universe

  • The Lab – Interactive Science Exhibition

  • Magickal Class – Spectacular physics experiments

  • Bóbita Puppet Teather

  • Craftmens street

  • Restaurants and Cafes

  • Accommodation – Guest House

Turkish architectural heritage in Pécs

Pécs is on of the few hungarian cities which still has buildings from the Ottoman occupation of the country.

In the dowtown area whithin walking distance from each other, three of these buildings can be visited:

  • Mosque of Pasha Qasim

  • Yakovalı Hasan Paşa Mosque

  • Bath of Memi Pasha

Pécs ZOO

The Pécs ZOO has undergone renovations and reopened in 2016 to the public.
The zoo hosts 1500 animlas from 300 spieces in a new and modern environment.

Cella Septichora Visitors Center – 4th century Early Christian burial sites

– part of the UNESCO world heritage

Sopianae, predecessor of Pécs in the Roman times had its late Roman Paleochristian cemetery included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in the year 2000. In their architecture and wall-paintings the excavated finds present the Early Christian burial architecture and art of the Northern and Western provinces of the Roman Empire. From among the Hungarian world heritage sites the Early Christian cemetery is the only one that has won itself a place on the UNESCO world heritage list in the category of culture-historical architecture.


Villány Wine region

– Located in south Baranya the Villány WIne region can be found. Villány, Villánykövesd and Palkonya are three places that wine lovers must visit. You will find loveley little houses, never ending rows of cellars and grapevine as far as the eye can see! What else would you need?


The Picturesque village of Óbánya is so special that sometimes it is referred to as „the Switzerland of Hungary”. This sleepy Swabian village awaits those who are looking to slow down and connect with the rural lifestyle and nature. In Óbánya you will find beautiful, old houses and breathtaking scenery. Óbánya offers quality hand made poducts for sale and it is the beginning of a tourist trail as well.


The city of Siklós is special because of its castle standing tall over the city and for its warm thermal bath. The castle walls can be walked and they offer an excellent view of the villány hills. After a long day spent touring and tasting the villány region it is always good to relax in the thermal bath.